Tuesday, 20 May 2014

WoodCraft in Progress! Dollhouse Miniature Wooden Cupcake Tray: Part II

Keep continued to my workspace of miniature wooden cupcake tray. I had just inserted the lovely  handle holder with crowd rod pattern to my little cupcake trays that I created before. They are now looks so pretty with the crowd rod handle and truly unique! I quite satisfied and loved how they turned out. Now, they're get ready to be painted.

I found that I always get more inspiration; more and more ideas get flood into my mind while in the working progress of making. These little tray will be high versatile art piece. They are not only could be as cupcake displays but also perfect to display with cookies or any sweet treats for tea party too.

I had also tried attempted made it into round shape design with a center handle holder and something more like stand. Here's a sneak peak to my workspace.


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Big Hugs & lots of love

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