Petit Ferris Wheel

 “Recall Your Childhood Memory”
Do you still Remember Childhood FERRIS WHEEL bringing fun, pleasure or dream to you?
The Stylish ferris wheel reminds all your sweet memories when the wheel turn. This is a great looking decorative figure. Add a splash of colourful accents to decorate your home with this ferris wheel. When you feel unhappy or upset, turn it and you feel relaxed.

WHEN I start to do the Ferris Wheel? WHY?

I had start doing my first Ferris Wheel at the year of 2009 because one of my friend. He was requested  a special gift from me for his birthday, the requirement must be handmade by me and he just ask why not I make him a miniature Ferris wheel?  Most important is the wheel must can be turn instead of static. So I never think about too much and just say "YES I can do that"! In mind is nothing impossible if i want to do it. Actually I'm so proud and very excited with the finished outcome of this artpieces. It's really Impressive and most important he love it so much!

It's really time consuming for me in order to produced one of this nicely artpiece but I'm really enjoy the whole making process of it..from start until the end. Especially cutting the wheel pattern one by one with my talent hand untill all my fingers turn pain but i'm still enjoyed to cut on it. I have to admit that i like the cutting process. After this 1st artpiece I did promise myself I have to do a different collection of Ferris Wheel in future.

Miniature Ferris Wheel Collection Individually handcut by me. Made out of wood, cardboard and metal.So it's really light in weight. Finished size included basement: 10cm(W) X 10cm(L) x 12cm(H)

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