Monday, 27 April 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Accessories

Sometime I'm not sure if people will love my creations. But I'm always follow my heart, make the things that I'm fascinated into smaller scale with lots efforts and heart! I'm self taught artist. Always explore and learnt from the mistake. I do hope my little things and photos will bring you a smile and inspired you too! That's truly my aims. I'm gratitude indeed for your all wonderful supports, make me grow along my handmade journey. All your kind words feedback were helpful and really means a lot to me; gave me confidence when I really needed it.:) THANK YOU very much! Love you all ♥♥♥

▼Cute Bunny Ears Rectangle Wooden Cutting Boards

▼Cute Bunny Ears Rectangle Wooden Cutting Boards

▼Dollhouse Miniature 2-Tiered Cake Stand


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs 

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