Monday, 31 October 2011

Pipit Wonderful Market 7

Precious Moment and have a wonderful time at Pipit Wonderful Market7..♥♥♥
Thank you for everyone who dropped by The Pipit Wonderful market 7 and do visit my lovely booth..big hugs for all of you and your supports...:) 

 Setting up my booth with a country window! This was an ideas how I decor my empty wall with the lovely 3D country style window. 
I purposely do this concept in order to  hide all the ugly masking tape at the behind. I have to admit that I don't like to see any masking tape appear on my wall:)

This window is handmade by me from pearl board material. It's simple yet attractive! me!

Isn't this wooden window on the wall seem perfectly match with the delectable breakfast this angle.!! How you think?

 Delectable Waffle Pendant...

 Isn't them make you so hungry?

 Just Dessert! Aren't so hard to resist?! It make you craving for more sweet...

 The ones I want to show you...gateux cake, a cup of caramel creame, yummy fruit waffle all on my finger now....:)♥♥♥

Cozy Corner for Tea...

Crystal blue white ferris wheel...with the vibrate blue-green shade crystal stone sprinkled throughout on the grasslands.:)♥♥♥

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gourmet Caramel Apples: Apple on a stick

Have you ever heard of a dessert called Caramel Apples/ Tofffe Apples before?
"Caramel Apples are made by dipping apples-on-a-stick into hot caramel and sometimes double-dipped in chocolate and coated with assorted ingredients"
As I know apples dipped in caramel are a classic Halloween treat. 

It isn't common to us who stay in Malaysia. May be becuase of Halloween isn't our traditional day and we seldom celebrate for it. Correct me if I'm wrong..:). But this culture start changed already, nowaday, so many people especially teenager start to celebrate the Halloween day because they found the fun from it.

However, dipped the stick of fruits like Strawberry, grape, cherries or marshmallow with chocolate is common in Malaysia. Isn't this looks similar with the caramel apples?

I had tried eat this before when I visiting to Disneyland at Paris but it's red candy apple. It's just simply red, sweet and crisp with the coated. Even few year ago, the vivid red color of the apple is still fresh in my mind...Not because of the taste itself but just because it always recalled me about the "Snow White", the scene when the witch  pass the apple to innocent snow white...

The preparation of apple on a stick..It non dollhouse miniature!
I'm just prepared it for doing the jewelry and accessories like handphone strap, earing, necklace..etc

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Exquisite Petit Food Tray nacklace

This was an ideas how I displayed the rustic wood tray that i made before together with french bread, toast with chocolate jam and topping with almond and kiwi slice, kiwi fruits and bottle of jams..

It not only can be a adult collectible but it also can be an exquisite miniature food Jewelry which you can wear! A wonderful treat without any calories!

Isn't it looks so pretty adorable on your neck?
It's just so attractive and sure everyone will stare at you with this wonderful artpiece!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Rustic Wood Tray

This is a simple woodcraft that I had made in the night-time after back from work on last week :)
The night-time hours is so short for me so I decided to made just a simple rustic wood tray. I'll going to show how I'm use this tray to display all the minature craving food on my next post...

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Elegant Window Wooden Display Case

I have to admit that I'm love to work on woodcraft.
I was so happy and excited when I successed to complete it from start until the end:)  I know there're still have a room to be improve but I'm happy enough with the 1st time result.

This lovely elegant window wooden display case created to be open from behind. As you can see there's a drop ring pull handle at the back which is create by my own.

All is handmaded cut-out of balsawood with alot of patience and love.

Lovely unique flora motif drop ring pull handle which created by my own. It look so adorable...and i love it so much!

How it looks when open from back.

Different perspective view of this wooden display case..

Busy Life...

This recently I'm really busy for my personal stuff, busy for my design working in the mean while busy preparation new creations for this coming Pipit Wonderful Market 7 until I have no much time to upload more of my latest artwork and updated news to my facebook and blog..sign...:(

I hope, I can have more than 24hours a day with a healthy body so I can do more of the thing that I love to do. I have to admit that most of my time is contribute to the company, working as multimedia designer ! However I'm still enjoy the life of design and love my job...!

One a week, I only left weekend for myself to concentrate on my own craftwork...I know my craft progress might be slow like a snail but I'll never gave up on what I have archieved and always persist to the end

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Baking Life's : Wooden Display Cases

How I spent my last weekend to made all these cute mini wooden display cases...I did 3 pieces for each types of display cases. It's unfinished yet. But I can't wait to see all the lovelly and sweet patisseries to be display on it...

From left:
Basic 2 Tier Display Case,
Display Case with Drawer and
Transparent Window Display Case which can be open from back.

All is handmaded cut-out of balsawood.

Isn't them so familiar to you? I'm guess you have seen this before in facebook game of " Baking Life" if you're "Baking life" fans. This was the inspiration I'm get from the game...:) So my final aim is to make the antique display case shown as below. I love it so much when I'm first look on it. It's really looks so adorable in enlgish vintage style.

Hope You Love it...Enjoy Your Stay:)


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