Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dollhouse Miniature: Donut Party!

Just wanted to introduce you this artpiece of dollhouse miniature which i have completed a while ago. The "Donut Party!" A party for all donuts and doughnuts

Are you Donut Lover? Come and enjoy the donut party! Yummy Donut cheer you up! The donuts that you just can't resist and satisfy cravings for sweet.  

Whatever favourite you're like, sure it will tempt you to have a lick but you 'd better not. All the tiny donuts and dessert treats you see on the table is miniature fake food which all individually handmade out of polymer clay and airdry clay. The antique table is made out of balsa wood so is very light in weight and fragile.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Petit Dougnuts Tray

Various mini pretty doughnuts on the tray! Do you like them?
Tiny doughnuts tray handmade by myself. It made from balsa wood.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Green Flora Ferris Wheel

Go ahead and take a peek on the same collection : Pastel Blue Ferris Wheel, and Pink Ivory Ferris Wheel!

Pink Ivory Ferris Wheel

Are you liking this...The softness of the overall look with  the combination of Pink Ivory flora motif with the idea of wood painted in vintage brown, plus some copper metal plate, accessories and chain add on as decoration. I love how this mixing and matching together to have a way of just  blending so nicely and unique.

This was an my idea for this collection which you might see in another Pastel Blue Ferris Wheel, and Green Flora Ferris Wheel!

Pastel Blue ferris Wheel

I love the idea to shoot them at man-made lake park with different angles and natural scene.It give a overall look a touch of unexpected and makes for quite an interesting look with natural element transcend into my photo background. Really Fun and enjoy moment for me!

This was the 1st collection concept Ferris Wheel  I tried to create in this year, 2011 with the concept of blending in some cooper metal plate, accessories and chain as a decoration on vintage brown wood  after the 1st Ferris wheel  I did on year, 2009.  I love how this mixing and matching together to have a way of just  blending so nicely and unique.

This was an my idea for this collection ! Take A Peek on Green Flora Ferris Wheel, and Pink Ivory Ferris Wheel!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

2009 artwork: Petit Ferris Wheel

My first Creation of Ferris Wheel!

I had start doing my first Ferris Wheel at the year of 2009 because one of my friend. He was requested  a special gift from me for his birthday, the requirement must be handmade by me and he just ask why not I make him a miniature Ferris wheel?  Most important is the wheel must can be turn instead of static. So I never think about too much and just say "YES I can do that"! In my mind is nothing impossible if i want to do it. Actually I'm so proud and very excited with the finished outcome of this artpieces. It's really Impressive and most important he love it so much!

It's really time consuming for me in order to produced one of this nicely artpiece but I'm really enjoy the whole making process of it..from start until the end. Especially cutting the wheel pattern one by one with my talent hand untill all my fingers turn pain but i'm still enjoyed to cut on it. I have to admit that i like the cutting process. After this 1st artpiece I did promise myself I have to do a different collection of Ferris Wheel in future.

Miniature Ferris Wheel Collection Individually handcut by me. Made out of wood, cardboard and metal.So it's really light in weight. Finished size included basement: 10cm(W) X 10cm(L) x 12cm(H)

This was how I decor the empty greenery basement with the lovely miniature Charlotte Fruit Cake which made by me together with the birthday wood tag and a blessed card on it.

How it looks like when it be turn....

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Miniature Wooden Rocking Horse: Traditional Antique Collection

I have to admit that i'm falling in love on making the miniature rocking horse especially made them with the concept of traditional antique feel. And my mind just pop up with the ideas why not to shoot them at outdoor? So at the end I decided and brought them to Man-made Lake Park purposely have a outdoor shooting with a natural scene as my artpieces background. The matching of a row of rocking horse togther with the scene of lake together, colorful ship and little stone really give a overall look a touch of unexpected and makes for quites an interesting look.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kaka Art Market Event, 7August2011

So sorry everyone, I'am late to update the lastest news and photos for last weekend event of Kaka Art Market due to falling sick after back from the event! I guess my body become weak after go for blood donation + overworked + I have to admit the strongly smell of those  handmade scented soap makes me want to puke and headache. No offence... is only my personal issue which I'm really sensitive to those smell. :0

Today i feel more better and just want to take a chance to say thanks for all support & compliment and who have bought my lovely craft back home...give you all a warm hugs❤❤❤❤ This is my second time to involve this kind of event after the last Pipit events.

Everytime when I set up and displayed my personal craft booth, I just feel like back to college time. The time when we busy to create a good art work ,discussion, set up, displayed just hope have a best presentation for our event. I'm always appreciate of it and it really a part of my sweet memories which cannot be delete.

My Booth. Alot people shooting on my artwork. Can i shout cannot?!  I don't mind if you just shoot for a whole scene of my booth instead of just zoom and focus particular details on my artwork. I just want to protect my creativity. This was what i learnt from taiwan. They very respect on creative work. All the originality creative work will be stop for photography.  But i know in Malaysia i can't stop people to do that. If not later will be say "action" or  bla bla bla or may be no one come to my booth anymore. :) Anyway i still so enjoy and happy to see people appreciate my artwork! And i know the art market is really a wonderful room for alot people to show their photography talent and shoot the thing they found interest.❤❤❤❤

What you guess about this? Alot of people asking me is these are bookmark? Sorry all these are lovely petit food earing. Isn't they are cute and adorable?

All my lovely petit rocking horse has sold out.

Thank You!!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Gold Chocolate Temptation themed Dessert Table

This Delectable Dessert Tables uniquely created based on gold chocolate temptation theme and have been done a while ago after the project of An Exquisite Delicacy: Simple in white and green .It's really impressive and I love it so much!

But it's sold out already! It's such a pity and so much regret for me just because i din't shoot the series photo for this artpiece at home. This why i only be able to show you one of the photo which i had shoot directly from last Pipit wonderful Market 6 Event on the month of May before i pass to customer...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

An Exquisite Delicacy: Simple in white and green

I made this 1:12 miniature dollhouse table filled with foods a while ago, but haven't had the right opportunity to show them until today.

This set table is finished in themed of simplicity white spring afternoon tea. What do you think?! Isn't they looks so adorable and gorgeously in white spring themed?

All the miniature foods and accessories on table are individually handmade craft by me out of various material. I had used different clay together in this project: polymer clay, air dry clay, lightweight clay in this project to create a touch of effect that I want.

Whereas, the dollhouse miniature french table was something i enjoyed making, though a bit time consuming. But it was fun seeing the table filled with various mouth watering savory and patisseries. It made out of balsa wood so it's really light in the weight and fragile.

As you can see the left corner side of table been displayed with a drawer box which was decor and arranged creatively with a pack of macarons, 2 glass bottle of cookies, gift boxes and books. Beside that, I had made a 3 layered cake stand that filled with variety mouth watering dessert like vanilla cupcakes, green tea slice cake, macarons and waffles.

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