Monday, 21 November 2011

A little Shabby Window Display Case with Assortment Delectable Pastries

This was how my finishing little wood window display case looks like. It's soft, cozy and appeals to those who love shabby chic.  I absolutely love the idea of filling up the empty little window display case with all my lovely assortment delectable pastries that I created before. ♥♪♫♣. It's just blending so nicely, so effortlessly and give a overall look a touch of unexpected.

Actually before I'm painted it in white shabby chic color, I did painted it in aged vintage dark brown color. I really love the aged vintage dark brown color and it's make quite interesting look. Especially when it come mixing and matching with the assortment pastries which glued on gold mirror card. I'll show it in the following post...

Here's a sneak peak at the shabby wood window display case and how it looks like together with the assortment delectable pastries !


Delectable Sweet Pastries

A delectable assortment of miniature pastries with a touch of elegance. Such as mini swiss roll, mini chocolate squares, mini blueberry slices, mini mousse slices and many more scrumptious mini pastries.. It's looks so adorable.♥♪♫♣

I personally love how these diverse flavor of petite pastries to have a way of just so nicely on top of gold mirror card which actually glued on the square wood. Are you still remember the Wood Window Display Case that I had created before? Yeah, I going to display them on my lovely shabby wood window display case :)

Each collection composed of 9 pastries. All are individually handsculpt by me out of polymer clay:)

Enjoy your stay &
Hope you like this collection!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Stop by & Say Hello To Donuts

Who doesn't love dougnuts? Just stop by & say hello to my little donuts...

All are indivdually handmade from polymer clay by my tiny hands in 1:12 scale with sprinkles, glaze, chocolate icing, and frosting in different shade of green and blue.... Each one measure 0.8cm.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

2-Tier Doughnut Wooden Display Rack

Another new concept for my 2-tier Wooden Display Rack. It was painted in white gloss finished and made to display all the delicious and eye-catching mini dougnuts. This why there was have big 2 dougnuts place side by side of the round curve title panel.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Satisfy Your Dougnuts Lust!

"No one can resist the temptation of the doughnuts! Can You?!
If you are in the mood for something amazing, stop by and grab a Glazed doughnut"
Frankly,  I love doughnuts and I like to eat them as well. Especially the doughnut with dark chocolate inside out which make me feel so hard to resist. This why the doughnut called "Forest Glam"  and "Coco Loco"  from J.CO Donuts & Coffee shop are always be the 1st choice that I'm going to choose..
Nows, is time to sneak peak on all the doughnuts below that I had made.
They're looks so delectable and delicious. But they created only be able to satisfy your brain and eye visual!
All are indivdually handmade from polymer clay by my tiny hands in 1:12 scale with sprinkles, glaze, chocolate icing, and frosting in different shade of green and blue.... Each one measure 0.8cm.

Hope you love it as well:)

Friday, 4 November 2011

A Romantic Dreamland Dessert Table

Dessert Tables make me drool and not just because they're filled with all kinds of sweets and treats but they've been catching and just so amazing. I just so love to make it...each dessert table incorporate custom sweets and meticulous details that truly memorable.

Here a full shot of the dessert table, absolutely gorgeours pink white concept! But you've really to see it at larger size! From the gorgeous pink roses sphere bouquet arrangements to the macarons stands, fabulous dessert tray, slice cakes, cookies gift boxes, dougnuts and everything in between, this table is almost too pretty to eat!

Everything you see here are individually handmade by myself from various kind of materials.

 It is always fun for me to try setting up the table on something different. I 've simply sew the lace at the bottom edge of the dreamy white chiffon. Classically beautiful, the delicate and dreamy chiffon at the corner of the table is just so dreamy and lovely's brings a vintage romantic feel...Isn't it?

You can imagine how small is it...

Another keypart of set up is the cake stand that I present the Macarons on. That's I actually ended up creating my own by combination the different metal jewelry accessories.

Is pink noir butterfly garden fondant cake and it was simply spectacular!...
It' s made out of polymer clay:)

Delicious rectangular slice cakes
From left: The dark chocolate layer almond cake and cappuccino mousse cake topping with waffle biscuit.

Dougnuts in the basket tray.
It's made out of the card, wire and combination of some jewelry metal accessories for the hanger.

Enjoy Your Stay and hope you love this collection!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Little Indulgence

Just want to show you all these lovely little indulgence that I was made and going to decor on the lovely little dessert table.

So, here's a sneak peek on all these single item before I'm glued it on the table.

Isn't these're cute and lovely?

Isn't this pink rose sphere bouquet is just so adorable and lovely?...I love it so much! I didn't count how much time I had spent to finish it but it's really take alot of time. Really not easy...

Lots of Pink Macarons served on the cake stand...
and the bottles of candies and cookies, from left to right:
multi-shades of pink star candies, chocolate biscuit roll, cookies, and chocolate flakes
A Lovely Cookies Gift Box with various type of cookies...

Lovely Doughnuts Basket served with a various sweet doughnuts..

Enjoy your stay and hope you Love this...
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