Monday, 26 December 2011

♥Whimsical Encanted Wonderland Party♥:)

Today I want to share with you my ideas how I'm styling my handmade miniature dessert table with a touch of whimsy & natural, rustic decor.

I love ♥ the potential of this theme:
By borrow nature' palette and combine fresh moss greens with rich browns log, wood for a warm & rustic look. Add a pop of red for a whimsical touch. This was shown by my small details like a little santa claus ornament, tiny red toadstools and red raspberry macarons add a touch of fun & whimsy to overall tablescapes.

I absolutely love the idea of how I decor displayed the log with moss.
A beautiful mix of moss, woodland log reminds me of enchanted forest scenes and it's just awesome and unique interesting look♥♥♥

All the miniaturedisplayed ont he table including the table itself are indivually handmade by myself out from different materials.
It isn't an easy job to complete this wonderful piece of artwork. I have spent alot of of time in brainstorm and do an advance research on type of rustic theme that I want it to be...I know I will do this again with same theme but different thing..:) I just so enjoy the way I'm doing and follow my feeling...The result come out unexpected and love it.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

♥ Miniature Ginger Breadhouse ♥

This was how my 1st miniature ginger breadhouse looks like. :)♥♥♥

I just like the way it was been displayed on the moss log cake stand which handmade by myself.
The additional of the tiny cookies staircase and cookies christmas tree  have a way just blending so nicely with ginger breadhouse on moss log. Plus, I did beautify the overall of artpiece by added on some white snow coated on it.

Now, I can't really wait to see how I'm going to combine all these tiny things that I created during this cheerish month of December.I think these add a touch of fun and whimsy to my tablescapes that called ♥Encanted Wonderland♥:)

{ To Be Continued }

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Dollhouse Miniature: Profiteroles Cake

A Miniature Profiteroles Spong Cake with top of Chooclate Profiteroles and beautify with marple leaves and berries.

Actually before putting the profiteroles directly to the top of sponge cake, there is a basement of christmas tree pastry top coated with green icing. But I think it hardly to see after I had decor with marple leaves and berries on top :P

Little Red Toadstools on Moss Log

I made tiny Red Toadstools for my enchanted wonderland tablescapes, you know, because toadstool are awesome.

I love it ♥ How about you?
It's just looks so cute and adorable together with moss patch on the same log. Isn't?
And I think these toadstools add a touch of fun and whimsy to the tablescapes. a mini Santa Claus here. Hohoho...It made out of polymer clay by me :)
It's just so lovely and cute together with the Red Toadstool on moss log!

{ To be Continued }

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Macaron Christmas Tree

Tata taa ta a miniature Macaron Christmas Tree here! ♥
How cool is this Macaron Christmas Tree been displayed on the rustic wood log base?
With some little moss decorated around the log edge..
Somemore, there's a little chocolate toadstool been decorated on the edge as well..Can you see that?
All are indivually handscuplt by me out of polymer clay....
I think they are wonderful and can be co-ordinated to the theme of my rustic enchanted wonderland by the way!..

{ To be continued...}

Monday, 12 December 2011

Enchanted Wonderland: Bûche de Noël...♥

Hohoho...I want to intoduce you this pieces of miniature, the little enchanted moss basket of Christmas Bûche de Noël (Yule Log Cake)...♥

"Bûche de Noël is the delicious French pastry served near Christmas. It's also called "Yule log" as this christmas cake shaped like a log."

I had decor up my little ♥Bûche de Noël (Yule Log Cake)♥ with cookies christmas tree which combined from different sizes of star cookies, some dry brance and berries.... And I just found that it's looks so unique and attractive when it had been displayed inside the beautiful enchanted moss basket. I like this mixing and matching. The enchated moss basket which handmade by me, give a overall look a touch of unexpected and makes for quite an interesting look. Simple Geogours!

{ To be continued...}

Hohoho...Merry X'mas 

Monday, 5 December 2011

DIY Rustic Wood Cake Stand

I had tried to handmade rustic wood cake stand from rustic logs.
I absolutely love this concept which is just so creative and would fit perfectly into my woodland rustic chic theme party-"Enchanted Woodland Party"! Each stand has it's own unique.

This would be perfect on my dessert table as stands for mini cakes and pies on top!

I personally love anythings nature.....♥
I'm always like to collect a little thing which is just surrouding of us ...wood log, dry branches, leaves, seashell, beach sand , rock, cerbera odollam's seed and etc...

By the way, I just want to take a chance and share with you a little thing about
"cerbera odollam seed - (dried pong pong fruits)"
It's really wonderful and nuture seed which came from Cerbera odollam fruit tree.
It's have a special texture and just so unique for decor... I found it during the time when I've travel to Sekinchan Padi Field, Malaysia...and I love it very much...

{To Be Continued...}

Friday, 2 December 2011

Sneak peak at Christmas project: Bûche de Noël♥

I've to admit that there's a little bit slow on my progress...
Anyway I'll try my best to finish all the little christmas things that I plan to do and sharing with you all.
Watch out for more updates!

Sneak peek into what I'm working on for my christmas project called: "Enchanted Woodland Party"!

It's a unfinished little Bûche de Noël...♥

"Bûche de Noël is the delicious French pastry served near Christmas. It's also called "Yule log" as this christmas cake shaped like a log."

It has not been done yet!
It's still a simple swiss roll cake as you can see below.
They still waiting for me to help them frosting to be bark like texture on their body, and decor with berris, tree branches, toadstools, ladybugs, santa claus....etc.

So I can't wait to see and already can imagine how stunning is it once it's been done...

{To Be Continued...}

Let me wish everyone an early greeting of Merry Christmas again!♥♫♪♦♥♫♪♦

Thursday, 1 December 2011

♥It's December of 2011, last month of the year♥

It's December of 2011, last month of the year..
This is also the month of festive season, as Merry Christmas is approching and New Year 2012 are just around the corner too!  ♥

I can’t believe that year 2011 is almost over.
I'm believe there are a lot of fun going to be expected in this holiday month for most of us...
And it is just way too hard to express my enjoyable feeling over in my blog here!  ...
Words can’t describe my feeling and my inner atmosphere now when I looking back what I've achieve for this year especially in my little craftworld !

Let me wish everyone an early greeting of Merry Christmas!♥♫♪♦♥♫♪♦
Watch out for more updates on this month with more great news and things to come!
Enjoy my blog, and enjoy the month! ♥♫♪♦
All the best!

A Antique Rustic Window Display Case with Assortment Delectable Pastries

It's continuous from the previous post!

This was how the centerpiece of  little wood window display case painted in the rustic chic concept with aged vintage dark brown color. It's appeals to those who love rustic chic.   ♥♪♫♣.
Here's a sneak peak at the wood window display case and how it looks like together with the assortment delectable pastries !

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