Thursday, 23 August 2012

Miniature Birthday Party Dessert Table: Part 1

ta ta ta..taaaa....look at this amazing dessert table.

Yeah, this was how my final completed artpiece of dollhouse miniature birthday party dessert table looks. I've named it as "Hello SUMMER! Hello YELLOW GREEN! Birthday Party Dessert Table! " It's specially design made for the client as a birthday gift to his girfriend:)

Pictures shown how I'm put it all custom made sweet desserts together with style on the table. They look adorable on displayed. And all the litte handmade gift boxes, birthday card and extra accessories are the perfect addition to this birthday party dessert table.

I had spent almost a month  in order to completed this artpiece.Start from brainstorm, decided the colour theme, handmade woodcraft, table, crates, cake stand until sculpting desserts. Everything is handmade individually by myself. I had put so much time & effort; incorporate custom sweets and every meticulous details to make this birthday party dessert table truly memorable & unique! I enjoyed every second creating this luscious, pretty in summer yellow green birthday dessert table! It is always fun to try setting up the table on something different just like the realistic but in much smaller scale.


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs

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