Monday, 31 October 2011

Pipit Wonderful Market 7

Precious Moment and have a wonderful time at Pipit Wonderful Market7..♥♥♥
Thank you for everyone who dropped by The Pipit Wonderful market 7 and do visit my lovely booth..big hugs for all of you and your supports...:) 

 Setting up my booth with a country window! This was an ideas how I decor my empty wall with the lovely 3D country style window. 
I purposely do this concept in order to  hide all the ugly masking tape at the behind. I have to admit that I don't like to see any masking tape appear on my wall:)

This window is handmade by me from pearl board material. It's simple yet attractive! me!

Isn't this wooden window on the wall seem perfectly match with the delectable breakfast this angle.!! How you think?

 Delectable Waffle Pendant...

 Isn't them make you so hungry?

 Just Dessert! Aren't so hard to resist?! It make you craving for more sweet...

 The ones I want to show you...gateux cake, a cup of caramel creame, yummy fruit waffle all on my finger now....:)♥♥♥

Cozy Corner for Tea...

Crystal blue white ferris wheel...with the vibrate blue-green shade crystal stone sprinkled throughout on the grasslands.:)♥♥♥

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