Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Baking Life's : Wooden Display Cases

How I spent my last weekend to made all these cute mini wooden display cases...I did 3 pieces for each types of display cases. It's unfinished yet. But I can't wait to see all the lovelly and sweet patisseries to be display on it...

From left:
Basic 2 Tier Display Case,
Display Case with Drawer and
Transparent Window Display Case which can be open from back.

All is handmaded cut-out of balsawood.

Isn't them so familiar to you? I'm guess you have seen this before in facebook game of " Baking Life" if you're "Baking life" fans. This was the inspiration I'm get from the game...:) So my final aim is to make the antique display case shown as below. I love it so much when I'm first look on it. It's really looks so adorable in enlgish vintage style.

Hope You Love it...Enjoy Your Stay:)


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