Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gourmet Caramel Apples: Apple on a stick

Have you ever heard of a dessert called Caramel Apples/ Tofffe Apples before?
"Caramel Apples are made by dipping apples-on-a-stick into hot caramel and sometimes double-dipped in chocolate and coated with assorted ingredients"
As I know apples dipped in caramel are a classic Halloween treat. 

It isn't common to us who stay in Malaysia. May be becuase of Halloween isn't our traditional day and we seldom celebrate for it. Correct me if I'm wrong..:). But this culture start changed already, nowaday, so many people especially teenager start to celebrate the Halloween day because they found the fun from it.

However, dipped the stick of fruits like Strawberry, grape, cherries or marshmallow with chocolate is common in Malaysia. Isn't this looks similar with the caramel apples?

I had tried eat this before when I visiting to Disneyland at Paris but it's red candy apple. It's just simply red, sweet and crisp with the coated. Even few year ago, the vivid red color of the apple is still fresh in my mind...Not because of the taste itself but just because it always recalled me about the "Snow White", the scene when the witch  pass the apple to innocent snow white...

The preparation of apple on a stick..It non dollhouse miniature!
I'm just prepared it for doing the jewelry and accessories like handphone strap, earing, necklace..etc

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