Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Accessories~ Wire Cooling Rack & Baking Pan

Hello Everyone,

Finally, I'm back. Sorry for my long absence. I'm trying to get back to blogging as I've been lazy blogger and didn't updated any post on my past month. I think it never to late to share out some of the past month and latest work that I've completed.

Here's throwback some of the dollhouse miniature accessories that I've been completed on past month.

Making wrought iron bakery cooling rack is one of my little new experimented task that I've finished exploring on past month. They seem simple but spent me so much time and patient to complete on my first tried. For me, it's not the problem on how to get the shaped but is about how to get a good firmed soldering work since I don't really want o use glued to fix them. Through over the keep trying practice, I learnt how to get a better soldering skills and more better wirework results.

I've also tried making some rectangle baking pan/pound cake pan in Dollhouse Miniature Kitchenware 1/12 scale. I've carefully cut them out of aluminium foil metal and folded them to be a lovely cake pan.


Hope You love it &
Mini Hugs !

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