Monday, 31 August 2015

Blackberry-Blueberry Green Tea themed Assortment Patisseries in dollhouse miniature scale 1:12

Assortment Patisseries in Blackberry-Blueberry Green Tea themed which handmade by me in dollhouse miniature scale 1:12 scale.

1. Lemon Mousse cheese cake with blackberry-blueberry and green tea chocolate decoration on top.
2. Blueberry Swam Puff
3. Pale mint Eclair with white drizzle
4. Ash Green choux cream puff

Beautiful and intricately detailed assortment of miniature pastry entirely hand sculpt by me with lots of love and efforts. Its pretty perfect for your dollhouse bakery shop, dessert table, tea time party, patisserie shop or makes them as your lovely collection!


Hope You love it &
Mini Hugs !

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