Sunday, 30 August 2015

Custom Made Work~ Preparation Table Blackberry Cheesecake 1:12 scale Dollhouse


A lovely preparation table with a themed on making blackberry cheesecake that I had made for someone lovely in dollhouse miniature scale 1:12.

I've made everything myself from the vintage black white top dessert table to each single dessert and accessories except the white dollhouse mixer. I'm feels so grateful and thank you so much for customer faith on my creations;  giving me a lot of freedom to play around with an ideas. Here's picture shown what I'm trying to arrange for customer visualizing and get everything looks nicely on table.
 ▼At first, customer would like to have this lovely island table cabinet but she change her mind when she found this cabinet space was too small for her to display all the items in once.


Hope You love it &
Mini Hugs !

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