Monday, 14 July 2014

Work in progress: Dollhouse Miniature Macaron Tower

Hello Monday all,

Start my brand new week continuing on lovely macaron tower. I always felt that it's really took me very long time on making a batch of 100 macarons with texture details focused and they just only enough for making one tower. This why I'm choose to create only one pieces of it instead:) I also keep changing and improve my technique on making the macaron.

This piece was special requested from someone lovely. She wanted the tower to be make in sweet lovely pastel colour with floral decoration in the middle part. It isn't completed yet, so there's still a work for the middle part and basement.

Have a wonderful great start of week all!


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Big Hugs & lots of love


  1. This is so delicate and so pretty! My but you do wonderful work :))


  2. So detailed and pretty. Beautiful work!


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