Thursday, 12 July 2012

Luxury Raspberry Macaron Gift Box

Wowwww, how adorable of this loveliness scheme colour of raspberry macarons? I personally love it so much:) Do they make you craving for more macarons when just looking at them?

So beautiful stunning and realistic you might find yourself wanting to eat the macaron. But it isn't edible though. I loved and adored the intricate textured on the macaron shell itself. I always try to improve my skills on sculpting the macarons, sculpted them individually to be attention detailed.

Personally I think  miniature macarons are more difficult to make compared to a miniature layers cake if you really attention to their details. It seem small, simple but it consume more time, patience and concentrate in order to complete:) But for me, I'm feel everything it worth once I get the result I wanted!


Now scroll down and take a peek on the stuff that I had made yesterday night!
Yeah... it's lovely macaron gift handbag. 
It's look so adorable to put the lovely macaron gift box inside:)


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs


  1. Me encanta el realismo que has conseguido, se ven deliciosos!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Amazing miniatures! Congrats! ;)


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