Monday, 26 December 2011

♥Whimsical Encanted Wonderland Party♥:)

Today I want to share with you my ideas how I'm styling my handmade miniature dessert table with a touch of whimsy & natural, rustic decor.

I love ♥ the potential of this theme:
By borrow nature' palette and combine fresh moss greens with rich browns log, wood for a warm & rustic look. Add a pop of red for a whimsical touch. This was shown by my small details like a little santa claus ornament, tiny red toadstools and red raspberry macarons add a touch of fun & whimsy to overall tablescapes.

I absolutely love the idea of how I decor displayed the log with moss.
A beautiful mix of moss, woodland log reminds me of enchanted forest scenes and it's just awesome and unique interesting look♥♥♥

All the miniaturedisplayed ont he table including the table itself are indivually handmade by myself out from different materials.
It isn't an easy job to complete this wonderful piece of artwork. I have spent alot of of time in brainstorm and do an advance research on type of rustic theme that I want it to be...I know I will do this again with same theme but different thing..:) I just so enjoy the way I'm doing and follow my feeling...The result come out unexpected and love it.


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!

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  3. This is beautiful! So happy to have found your blog!


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