Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Miniature Wooden Rocking Horse: The Sweet Vintage Collection

Oh, I absolutely love how these miniature wooden rocking horse seem to have a way so nicely and unique. I can produce them again and again without any bored. I have alot of  ideas of how to make them to be lovely and unique.  I really adore the idea of adding a splash of color sofa seat to a neutral body of rocking horse. I just thought it might be lovely to put together with white lace trimmed along the different shade of sofa seat on neutal rocking horse!  So tell me, what favourite catch you eye? Whatever your favourite is, it's sure to make a lovely gift!❤❤It is small enough for the corner of your living room. 

The Miniature Wooden Rocking Horse's made out from balsa wood. So it will be very light in weight and finished size will be approximately 8.0cm long by 5.4cm high and 3.0cm in width for a bow rocker.

What do you think about the way that summer gold yellowlish was incorporated into this lovely white vintage miniature rocky horse? I love the floral motif and the lace trimmed along. 

How about this? The way that aquablue incorporated into this lovely white vintage miniature rocky horse? The mixing of polka dot motif together with lace trimmed along the aquablue give a touch of unexpected an interesting look.

You might also like this ivory wooden rocking horse which incorporate with polka dot green motif sofa seat.

 When pale pink chiffon silk with light pink ribbon sofa seat meet shades of white body, something really pretty happens! It's look so romantic elegance and give a overall look a touch of softness.

I just thought it might be fun to put together all different type of sofa seat motif that really showcase a different style of miniature rocking horse!

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