Wednesday, 3 August 2011

1:12 dollhouse Miniature fruit kiwi

I did made some 1:12 dollhouse miniature fruit kiwi out of Fimo polymer clay on last weekend but only until yesterday night, i got to  buy a box of kiwi from market to make them as my model in photo shooting for comparison in between the real juice kiwi and my 1:12 scale miniature kiwi. It's really fun for me.

Actually this isn't my first try on doing the kiwi fruit cane. I so much like to make the fruit cane by myself instead to buy them. Even i know it's really a challenge for me to made a truly realistic kiwi fruit cane. I knew there was room for improvement especially on how to obtain the right color i want. I like to experiment it and love the way of making them.

I had made the kiwi cane in different scale size for future use.

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