Friday, 29 April 2016

Ivory Themed Collections Dollhouse Miniature Cake & Pastries: Romantic Ivory 3 Tiered Lace Wedding Cake With Peonies Flower Bloom

My Gorgeous Ivory, Cream white themed Miniature Collections!

Romantic Ivory 3 Tier Lace Wedding Cake With Peonies Flower Bloom handmade lovingly by me in dollhouse miniature 1:12 scale. Presented on beautiful lace doily.

Truly unique whimsical wedding cake design with floral touches! Such sophistication and elegance!

I had made this beautiful tiered cake in vintage ivory with intricate lace detail on each tier. Delicate handmade with a collection of lovely ivory peonies and flowers in full bloom decorated on top complete this elegant, romantic design. Extra femininity.

Much time and efforts spent by me on making this gorgeous tiered cake!
Perfect center piece for your wedding bridal party shower or dollhouse patisserie shop window!

Each piece has their own unique and no one will be the same! I hope you enjoy looking through my collection as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

…ἒRomantic Ivory Mini Lace Cake with Peony Flower Bloom in Dollhouse Miniature Cake 1:12

…ἒ Elegance Vanilla Drizzle Bundt Cake with Lace Topper in 1/12 Dollhouse Miniature Cake

…ἒ Elegance Ivory Love Heart Ribbon Wedding Cake in Dollhouse Miniature Cake 1:12


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs 


  1. Oh my goodness . Is that cute!
    I want to get married right away * g *

    Mini hugs from vienna

  2. Working with white can often be more difficult than working with colors so I appreciate the purity and the simplicity of what you have so beautifully achieved- your wedding cakes look MAGNIFICENT! :D

  3. I recently went here for a party and right from the moment I walked in I was in awe and I can only hope my daddy dearest offers to pay for my wedding here someday! At New York wedding venues they took care of every little detail one can think of.

  4. The florist and her dynamic Floral Delivery team are highly responsive, attentive to detail, and friendly. I've had the pleasure of ordering three separate arrangements from them and the arrangements are consistently loved.


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