Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Gorgeous Blackberry and Rose Geranium Cake

Gorgeous Blackberry and Rose Geranium Cake which handmade lovingly by me in 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature scale.

My New collection of "Blueberry-Blackberry miniatures" for 2015.
Sweetness of SUMMER!

Another typed of Naked cake that I had made after my First Gorgeous Naked Floral Cake. I'm really fancy on how the naked cake looks like and so happy I could turn them to miniature:)

This beautiful naked cake had made out of 2 layered slice sponge cake. To bring out the color of the cake and giving them a realistic baked looks, I had also lightly dusted a little brown chalk around the edge of each layered sponge cake! Just like the real one... the bottom layer spread with smooth cream over the top and blackberries placed nicely over the cream.The other cake layered on top dust with icing sugar and final decorated with blackberries and leaves and flowers.

Beautiful in the details! I hope you enjoy looking through my collection as much as I have enjoyed creating them !

Everything is carefully handmade by me with much time and efforts to giving meticulous attention details, from each single blackberries and sponge cake itself . So it will be slightly different from the one as shown in the photo. No two pieces are the same and they all has its own unique :)


Hope You love it &
Mini Hugs !

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