Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Gorgeous Naked Floral Cake

 I was very thrilled to show you with my first tried challenge of making naked floral cake that make out of polymer clay in dollhouse miniature scale 1:12. I loved how the naked cake looks like together with all beautiful natural elements, this why I decided to making them.

Here's sneak peek of my process of making naked cake in my own way style. I'm always loved something sophisticated creations to be honest and loved to see details textured appear in my works!
I had making 4 layered slice sponge cake and stacked them up with smooth icing filling in between.
Each layered of sponge cake had carefully sculpted by me with meticulous details to giving them a realistic looks just like the real one. To bring out enhance the color of the cake and giving them a baked looks, I had also lightly dusted a little brown chalk around the edge of layered sponge cake! I had final style array my naked cake with pale pink roses, darker pink roses and green bulbs, some green leaves. Everything looks so compromise with the sweet soft tone colors and simplicity with eye-catching mixed color roses floral assembled on topped! Simply stunning and giving sense of romance! No two pieces are the same and they all has its own unique :)

I hope you enjoy looking on them as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Hope You love it & Be Happy!
Big Hugs 


  1. Beautiful work as always, I love how you have photographed them too.


  2. Breathtakingly beautiful! These are without a doubt the most amazing polymer clay cakes I've ever seen!

  3. So sad : ) I went to your etsy to buy one , but they are all reserved.


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