Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Little Shy Bunny Hide in the Tree Stump Chocolate Cake in Dollhouse Miniature Scale 1:12th

Just want to update my this month work of creation. New Easter Themed Collections 2015! Something whimsy, colourful lovely, bright, fun and sweet.

My New creation for this year Spring Easter: Little Shy Bunny Hide in the Tree Stump Chocolate Cake which handmade lovingly by me in Dollhouse Miniature Scale 1:12th

This is just too adorable cute to be your dollhouse Easter table centerpiece!

I've handmade a base of tree stump and carefully sculpt to add more details of tree bark texture, with different deeper grooves to really make the tree trunk texture pop, life-like logs. The glass flowers and Easter eggs made decorated surrounding on tree stump. I had also made a bunny butt which place the bunny into the hole, and adding his tail and feet, which giving a touch of shy bunny hide in the tree.

Simply cute lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake.

These all are handmade entirely by me with lots of love, efforts, imagination and truly unique to my own brand. Each piece has their own unique and no one will be the same!


Hope You love it & Be Happy!
Big Hugs 


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