Tuesday, 31 March 2015

French Dessert Pastry- Playful themed Eclairs in miniature dollhouse 1:12 scale

French Dessert Pastry- Playful themed Eclairs which handmade lovingly by me in miniature dollhouse 1:12 scale

I've fun along the process of making all these assorted french pastry eclairs. Each of them are individually hand sculpt by myself and then carefully decor with different colorful polymer icing according with their own unique playful design. To make my eclairs look a real like exclusive collection pastry, I had also decided to design a lovely "Eclairs" printed box packaging and fold carefully by myself. Make everything just like the real and exclusive collections!

I'm really thrilled to have them in my 2015 Easter Collections!

Truly joyful sweet mini eclairs made with cheerful bright colour! You will truly enjoy by this charming presentation!

From left to right:

►  Plenty playful Colorful Easter Egg Eclairs
► Blossom Floral Themed Eclairs
► Chick Eclairs
► Carrot Eclairs
► Bunny Butt Tree Stump Eclairs
► Butterfly Cookies Eclairs


Hope You love it & Be Happy!
Big Hugs 

1 comment:

  1. Pui Yie, your eclairs are so beautiful! You can always choose the perfect colour, and give your food just the right amount of detail!


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