Friday, 27 February 2015

Adorable Hidden Heart Funfetti Pound Cake in 1/12th miniature dollhouse Cake

I'm feel so sorry I didn't updated my blog regularly.
Here's a throwback post featuring some of my valentine's creations that I had made on past few week!

A whimsical Valentine's Vanilla pound cake with a strawberry-flavored funfetti heart hidden inside in Dollhouse Miniature Scale 1:12th. A really romantic unique sweet cake!

I'm always love to challenge and make something truly unique to my own brand. So I decided to experience make the pound cake with hidden heart make inside. A lot of work and patient required on making this details work out of polymer clay!  I'm happy with the results and love how they turned out! You will be delighted with its textured details!

I made a moist vanilla butter pound cake with lovely secret strawberry-flavored heart-shaped funfetti cake design running through the middle. Topped fantastic drizzled with vanilla ganache and decorate with sprinkles and hearty candies decorated on it. Very stunning and scrumptious!


Hope You love it & Be Happy!
Big Hugs 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Puiyie.

    This cake looks very very sweet. Mh, yummi. I love it!

    Best regards


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