Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dollhouse Minitare Dessert: Sliced Pumpkin Pound Cake wrapped with Plastic bag

Hi everyone,

Here's my new addition to my Fall Dessert Collections. Sliced Pumpkin Pound Cake wrapped with plastic bag in dollhouse miniature 1:12 scale.

I had spent my week on experiment making pumpkin pound cake. This was my first attempted tried learnt wrapping my sliced pound cake in clear plastic. They're just so cute and looks adorable in plastics bag with label sticker on topped. Everything just like the real. Personally I'm do love something sophisticated and details. This why I always spending a lots of time and efforts on making them. Even easy tasks more time consuming to complete.

I'm feel really happy and love so much on how they turned out actually. I hope you enjoyed it too! I've list this into my future task ~ create premium box with assorted packed of sliced pound cake inside.


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs 

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