Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Classic Vintage Pumpkins Leather Tray in dollhouse Miniature

Hello All, How is your October going so far? I hope you all have wonderful fall month!

It has been a while I didn't' work on dessert wooden tray. Here's my new creations of dessert tray which incorporate with fall pumpkin themed.

▼ Classic Vintage Pumpkins Leather Tray in dollhouse Miniature

I had tried incorporate new material in making this dessert tray when I found the beautiful leather strap which I had bought keep store in my drawer for a while ago. That's truly inspired me when I saw them. The lovely texture on leather strap itself together with chestnut orange color definitely match for autumn themed.  So I had decided to use them on making this breathtaking Classic Vintage Pumpkins Leather Tray and final finished with beautiful gold handles.Simply unique and stunning! I just love how their looks like and I hope you all do so!

▼ Dollhouse Miniature Pumpkin Patch wooden serving tray

This was another wooden serving tray that I had completed. Beautiful decadent Pumpkin Patch wooden serving tray, which entirely hand cutting to be curved edge with my own design and hand painted to be foliage green color. I had also decor the tray with decorative Pumpkin Patch poster printed to enhance the overall looks and feels. Perfect for your dollhouse pumpkin patch party!


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs 

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