Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Strawberry Mousse Desserts

Hello all, Happy mid week to everyone of you!

Just want to share the miniature dollhouse desserts which I had completed a week ago.

Adorable Strawberry Mousse Dessert which handmade in miniature dollhouse 1:12 scale out of polymer clay. I had made the desserts with softy pink strawberry mousse on top follow by a layered of sponge cake which hand sculpt to meticulous details in textured. Then, with the tantalizing look of drizzled white frosting over the strawberry mousse. Top is decorated with light pink rose petal and pink candy raspberry. I also added gold sprinkles to enhance this beautiful desserts. Simply stunning and elegance!


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Big Hugs & lots of love



  1. I love the colours - white and light pink! Everything looks so elegance :)

  2. So lovely ! I love this lighy pink.

  3. Delicious! I like the color.


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