Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Delectable Pastries on wooden base

Hello again,  have a nice day to you all!! ^___^
Finally, I had completed this collection of twelve, flowers themed, macarons, vanilla taro yam cakes. Each range of the pastries are well glued nicely on the wooden base which measure size approximaly 4.4cm wide.  They really looked nice, all the colors blended together perfectly. Just so adorable, isn't yout think so?!

They're ready to be displayed into the deli window case that I had made :)

All the pastries are individually hand-sculpted, polymer clay creations in 1/12th scale. High quality, limited quantity - each unique item is made with meticulous attention to details. I'm alway insists on not to use mold in making of them. This why they're looks slighly differents. I'm learn best through self taught and gain up skills through repeating experience of trial and error process which i'm always enjoy with :)

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