Tuesday, 20 March 2012

♥Little Prince Rocky Horse♥

Yeah! As you can see I still vastly enjoy the production of making different miniature wood rocky horse rocky horse. Here another piece of miniature wooden rocking horse with more vintage antiqued style "Lovely Little Price Rocky Horse" made by me. Hope it brings a smile to you and brigthen up you day!..♥♥

I really love to mixing different materials which will add a touch of personality to my artpieces. So here's a glimpse on my miniture antique style wooden rocky horse looks like with the way of the mixed and matched with the antiqued brass accessories. Didn't you think it give a overall look a touch of unexpected and makes for quite an intersting look? Especially with metal copper chain rope halters, a brass crown, flora brass and etc. Is really unique in a way.

The material that I had used for making this miniature wooden rocking horse included balsa wood and japanese linen cotton blended fabric with soft sponge inside for the seat. So it will be very light in weight and finished size will be approximately 8.0cm(L) X 5.4cm (H) and 3.0cm (W) for a bow rocker.

I always do like the ideas to shoot my lovely handmade miniture wooden rocky horse with the natural scenery landscape (water, glass, rock..etc)  ♥♥ 
These series photos was taken by me at the biggest man-made lake in Malaysia, Tasik Kenyir.

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