Monday, 9 January 2012

Gorgeous Red Inspiration ♥Red Prince Mystery Rocky Horse♥

Again, wanted to introduce you with this pieces of miniature wooden rocking horse  " Red Prince Mystery Rocky Horse"
Is really unique in a way with metal copper chain rope halters.
The  contrast of  the gorgeous red sofa seat versus on the white vintage horse body, really does have a way of spicing up the ordinary. Absolutely love the colour of this piece..♥♥
The material that I had used for making this miniature wooden rocking horse included balsa wood and lovely gorgeous red fabric with soft sponge inside for the seat. So it will be very light in weight and finished size will be approximately 8.0cm(L) X 5.4cm (H) and 3.0cm (W) for a bow rocker.

The 3-tier layer cake stand beside of the rocking horse was what I had made out of the cardboard with jewelry accessory as stand. I had filling it up with all my little delicacies.

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