Saturday, 7 January 2012

Gorgeous Red Inspiration ♥A little Delicacies♥

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Is a dollhouse handmade miniature "Delectable Cake ~ Red Velvet chocolate cake "

Are you liking this~The red velvet chocolate cake topped with strawberry icing & beautiful peppermint redwhite candies spread on; plus star tree icing pastries cookies on top of the middle give a overall look a touch of unexpected...

Assorted handmade miniature candies and cookies
From left: Glass bottle of Perpermint RedWhite candy canes, glass bottle of cherry candy and glass bottle of marble star cookies.

Here are some French very little delicacies~ Chocolate Éclairs with the little red star candy on top and is just perfect for a mini afternoon tea pastry or just for pleasure :). The chocolate éclair measures about 1,8 cm (0,7 inch.)


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