Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Satisfy Your Dougnuts Lust!

"No one can resist the temptation of the doughnuts! Can You?!
If you are in the mood for something amazing, stop by and grab a Glazed doughnut"
Frankly,  I love doughnuts and I like to eat them as well. Especially the doughnut with dark chocolate inside out which make me feel so hard to resist. This why the doughnut called "Forest Glam"  and "Coco Loco"  from J.CO Donuts & Coffee shop are always be the 1st choice that I'm going to choose..
Nows, is time to sneak peak on all the doughnuts below that I had made.
They're looks so delectable and delicious. But they created only be able to satisfy your brain and eye visual!
All are indivdually handmade from polymer clay by my tiny hands in 1:12 scale with sprinkles, glaze, chocolate icing, and frosting in different shade of green and blue.... Each one measure 0.8cm.

Hope you love it as well:)

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