Friday, 29 July 2011

Wooden Cake Display Shelf

The cake display shelf filled with various type of mouth watering slice cake and gateaux.

Top layer for left to right: green tea sensation slice cake, mocha chocolate slice cake, dark strawberry chocolate cheese bag and honeydew mousse cake.

2nd layer from left to right: swan cream puff,  moist cheese slice cake, moist chocolate cake with a side coating of toasted almonds and honeydew mousse slice cake.

I wonder this miniature wooden cake display shelf may be is not something new to you. I knew some artist have done this before or may be you have that feeling it look similar with some market cosmetic counter design. Personally, i think nowadays the cosmetic counter is really looks so adorable in design. Not only cosmetic counter but someother french antique wood furniture and etc. Which are good ideas for me to blend those inspiration to my own miniature woodcraft artpieces in future.

However this wooden cake display shelf is only one piece which purposely made for myself to keep cause it really looks so adorable.

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