Friday, 29 July 2011

Collection of Delightful Icing Glazed Cake

My most recent post of work is dollhouse miniature elegant cake. I attempted to make this collection of 1:12 scale miniature cakes to be displayed on miniature elegant glass stand with lovely pastel roses and petit macaron to be decor on top and side of the cake. I so determined to make each of them in various shades layer and i personally love how these shades applied to each cakes seem to have a way of just blending so nicely, so effortlessly.The cakes also frosted with icing glaze on them and design ranges from cute and whimsy to elegant.

For Vanilla Aqua blue sponge cake , i use aquablue cream in between the cake layer. Actually except the the lovely pastels shade tone of aquablue roses on top surface of cake, there are meringue and chocolate roll been decor on another side of the roses which is blocked by the rose and i can't really shoot on it. 

Who can resist on this Dark Chocolate Fantasy Cake. Aren't they looks so delicious and sweet cookies?

Matcha Green Tea Cake

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