Monday, 6 June 2011

French Choux Pastry

1:12 Dollhouse Miniature

Choux pastry is a light pastry that is best known when used for a shell to make delectable desserts like cream puffs and ├ęclairs. It’s a simple thing to make, not requiring the same deft hand needed to make piecrust or puff pastry. Choux pastry is also unusual because the ingredients are actually cooked on the stovetop prior to being baked in the oven.

Creamy puff nest, Chocolate St Honore, Eclairs, Religieuse, Profiteroles..

 Creamy Puff Nest
Transform de pate choux into the egg sitting on the nest chocolate glas will be nest, sprinkle the slice of hazelnut.

Vanilla, Peanut, Chocolate Religieuse
A large cream puff, with a baby cream puff riding on top. The puffs are filled with different sorts of cream, the tops covered in icing, and perhaps a little butter cream for a final decoration.

These are small oblong cakes made from choux pastry. They are traditionally filled with chocolate or coffe cream..

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