Monday, 2 May 2016

Adorable Vanilla Pinata Cake with Hidden Surprise Sweet Pastel Candy Eggs - 1/12th Miniature Dollhouse Cake

Adorable Vanilla Pinata Cake with Hidden Surprise Sweet Pastel Candy Eggs handmade lovingly by me in Dollhouse Miniature Scale 1:12th

Part of My "2016 Spring Themed Collection"

Soft pastel colors make this springtime cake just as beautiful as it is delicious. This lovely cake is sure to be the crowning touch to your dollhouse spring party!

I was handmade this beautiful delicious dollhouse vanilla piñata cake out of polymer clay in 3 layer vanilla sponge cake. Each layered of cake hand sculpt carefully by me to giving meticulous attention details as usual. You can see my style; there always uneven very tiny bubble hole made for my layered sponge cake. Yeah that's was what I purposely sculpt on my cake layered whenever I sculpt my cake which I hope to giving them a perfect spongy textures like real baking. Light, moist and fluffy!!!

This cake been cut off 2 slices portion in order to giving a glimpse into hidden surprise inside!!! There are lot of sweet pastel candy eggs made in the centre of this adorable vanilla piñata cake by me. Everything just so lovely and cheerful!

A very thin layer of creamy frosting made spread on all around the cake. A very nice, smooth natural appearance looks of the frosting. Final finished with an elegance whipped cream made decor arranged surrounding the top edge of the cake.

Something unique beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake.


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Mini Hugs 

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