Wednesday, 6 May 2015

NEW Creations ~Dollhouse Miniature Old Vintage Kitchen Scale

The most happy fun things in miniature world is always allow me to create the lovely things that I might not get it in real life. I truly enjoyed the process and turned them into much smaller scale with my own desire style which always make my skills growth.

Here's, my recent new creations ~Dollhouse Miniature Old Vintage Kitchen Scale.
I find myself attracted to all sorts of antique old vintage style of kitchen scale and the retro type as well. They are so beautiful and amazing to display together with food and dessert. That's the reason I so much hope I can have one of them and decided start making my own one!

Here's my experimented and tried to create my own vintage antique kitchen scale in dollhouse scale! ~One of my little task that I want to do for this year. I've carefully sculpt and added the details step by step for my vintage kitchen scale with a lot of patient and efforts without using commercial mold. I quite happy with the first tried result. And plan to make for another retro type of kitchen scale in future.


Hope You love it &
Mini Hugs !


  1. Wow. I don't have words to said how it's beautiful. You have great talent and patience. Hugs Aniela

  2. It is a lovely scale in a lovely color and I am impressed that the dial moves too!


  3. Gorgeous ! I admire all your work. I miss some chocolate cake ..... are you going to make any ?


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