Friday, 28 February 2014

Gorgeous Peonies Ombre Ruffle Cake in Dollhouse Miniature Cake 1:12

I'm always enjoyed making this lovely cake.

Peonies Ombre Ruffle Cake which handmade lovingly by me in dollhouse miniature scale 1:12

A beautiful gorgeous ombre ruffle cake which made out from 2 small ruffle cake and stacked up to be a 2 tier cake. Each ruffle cake had carefully spiral with graduated color stripes from blush pink at the bottom bottom to light creamy ivory color at the top top surrounding the cake. All the color tone had carefully mixed up by myself to archive this lovely graduation color tone! A lots of love and effort put on this making:)

The lovely peonies used to decor on topper addded a touch of elegance to this overall of cake! So pretty and intricately detailed!


Hope You love it &
Be Happy!

Big Hugs & lots of love


  1. The gradations of the pinks is Marvelous and the Peonies are Perfect! A beautiful piece that any mini bride would Love to have as her wedding cake!


  2. Lovely cake ! Perfect peonies and colors !


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