Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sweet Warmth, Blushing Beauties 3-Tier Fondant Cake

Hello all, Happy Tuesday!

Here's another piece of adorable 3-tiered fondant cake that I have completed. Created with the mood of sweet warmth, natural, lovely romantic and fabulous. This  3-tiered fondant cake would be incorporate into my upcoming project- "Birthday Dessert Shower" with themed of Sweet Warmth, Blushing Beauties that I've working on.

3 difference design cake stacked up together to create  this beautiful unique 3-tiered fondant cake. I had made the ombre lace cake as a middle part. I did happy to cut out a portion of this ombre cake, then carefully hand sculpt he textured to be meticulous attention details. Now, it able to see the cake layered which color fades from a darker shade of brick red to a light shade of teasing peach gradually. All colors was carefully hand mixed by me to achieve this wonderful combination of sweet color.

The gorgeous rose added on the top used to enhance the beauty of this 3-tiered fondant cake. Oh, how pretty! I just LOVE! So much love and effort putting on making this lovely art piece. And I hope you love this as much as I do.

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Be Happy!

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  1. Una preciosidad, me encanta. No se como consigues hacer tantos y tan perfectos detalles, las rosas fantásticas.
    Un abrazo.


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