Friday, 9 September 2011

Lovely Aquablue Dessert Tray

Who can resist such a stunning dessert tray full of vanilla mint gateaux layer cake, waffles, macarons, meringue, mocha rolls, vanilla icing cupcake which that are swet, sillky and smooth in your mouth? ♥♥ 
Now you can have it as many as you like and satisfy your cravings for sweet while NO more worry about getting fat.:P

All the mouth watering miniature pastries on the tray are made out of polymer clay in 1:12 scale with the dessert tray size 6.5cm(L) X 4.0cm(w).

Vanilla Mint Icing Layer Cake
Who can resist this delicate lovely
Vanilla icing cupcake with waffle &
 mocha rolls biscuit on top?!♥♥

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